All the great Buddhist masters and texts state that one should only follow a QUALIFIED Buddhist teacher when doing any Tantra such as Kalacakra.

Essential qualifications for a teacher are they should not be overwhelmed by ANGER, sensual desires, lust for power and renown or full of conceit and see others as beneath him or her. They must have LOVE and COMPASSION for ALL. They must hold samaya with all students they have given empowerments too and not abandon them. They must maintain and hold purely the three vows of individual liberation, Bodhisattva and Secret Mantra. They must be patient with good ethical discipline.

They must have realised both 1) primordial awareness and special insight and also 2) space or ’empty form’.

Within the Kalacakra tradition, a FULLY ORDAINED MONK is seen as the best teacher and superior to those without monastic vows. Check and ask if your teacher has the full monk vows or not. They may look like monks and wear even monk like robes and clothes but that does not mean they hold the vows. Ask them. A householder can teach but they should not generally teach fully ordained monks unless they are a highly realised practitioner.

That said the Kalacakra Tantra asserts the superiority of Anuttaras (yogis and yoginis) on the ground that there is no monk or celibate who can equal one who has taken the tantric vows and precepts and is self-empowered by means of mantras.’

Any teacher who does not demonstrate these qualities should not be followed in tantric practise as they will lead themselves and their disciples to the lower realms.

Please think and analyse carefully. As one master said: do not rush into picking a teacher you meet, like a dog rushes to eat some meat they’ve just discovered. You can take your time, up to 12 years. Analyse and investigate. Challenge the teacher. See how they react.

Do they react to your challenging or disagreeing with them with overwhelming anger and hostility or love and compassion?

How do they treat you and other students? do they treat you as beneath them and with contempt?

Do they avoid you if you challenge them? Do they indirectly, or directly, encourage and exacerbate conflict and division among Lamas and students?

Do they respect ALL women and females, whoever and whatever they do? Do they make derogatory and disparaging generalised comments about women?

Do they encourage friendship and harmony between vajra brothers and sisters?

Are they very secretive and lack transparency and accountability for their movements and actions?

Do they have lineage masters still living? Do they continually demonstrate respect and devotion to their own root lama and lineage masters? Do they have photos and pictures of them in their shrine rooms? Do they encourage friendship, support and respect for other lamas and students in the same lineage?

If they do not then they do not hold the Bodhisattva or secret mantra vows, an absolute essential for a Tantric master and teacher.

THINK FOR YOURSELF. Emotions and feelings and blind devotion are not reliable…….Please read below for more detail.

Photographic excerpts taken from the ‘Inner Kalacakra Tantra’ by Vesna Wallace (2001).

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