Dakini Publications

Happy to announce the launch of a new online publication platform for Dharma-related translations, texts, writing, poems and more.

Even though there are more high-quality female scholars, translators, academics in Buddhist Studies and Dharma initiatives than ever before, the majority of publishing teams and publications are still predominantly male or male-oriented. In order to re-dress the balance, this publications venture is female-founded, female-positive and female-led, but is not female-exclusive 😉

To kickstart this new, not-for-profit initiative, all free downloads of Dharma texts from this website will be published under the name ‘Dakini Publications’. Interested translators, scholars, authors, writers and so on, please contact here for more information how you can contribute to and support this new initiative. I will be seeking funding from outside sources in the future, to help with supporting hard-copy publications.