Jetsun Tāranātha’s ‘Supplication to the Kālacakra lineage’

Happy to announce this new, and first-time published, English translation of Jetsun Tāranātha’s Supplication to the Kālacakra lineage (dus kyi ‘khor lo’i brgyud ‘debs),  that came down via the translator, Dro Lotsawa, and has been transmitted to, and maintained predominantly by, the Jonang, Nyingma and Kagyu tradition to this day. This text will also be included in a new e-book publication ‘The Kālacakra History and Lineage by Jetsun Tāranātha’, Adele Tomlin, 2019 (information about this will be posted on the site soon).

Tāranātha wrote three such lineage supplications, one to the Kālacakra lineage, one to the six-yogas lineage and another to the Empty-of-Other (gzhan stong) lineage. The six-yogas supplication was previously translated by Michael Sheehy in 2006 (see but it is shorter and a list of names, and the footnotes and are not extensive.

This supplication is slighter longer and more detailed, and I have also given  extensive footnotes on the main lineage masters, up to the section of text written by Tāranātha.  The Tibetan script is included for those who wish to read it in the original language. The text I used for the translation is a beautifully illustrated Dzamthang edition, of which I have included a picture within the text itself.

It is available for free download, here: Supplication to Kalacakra Lineage by Jetsun Taranatha.

May it be of benefit and may the Kālacakra lineage and teachings flourish!