The Feminine Principle

”Although the words ‘low bodies’ might, in line with ordinary worldly conventions, signify a discarding of self-importance, still, since the woman herself is an emanation body, she cannot be ‘low.’ ‘The Vajra Tent’ says, ‘With the illusory form of a woman, [the Buddha] teaches the Dharma for those with desire. The woman illusion, Buddhahood itself, exorcises all illusions.’ ‘The Supreme Bliss’ says, ‘Of all illusions, the woman illusion is particularly sublime [holy].’”

– from the Hair-Tip, by Machig Labdron, the commentary possibly composed by the Third Karmapa; Orofino 1987: 42-43.

Here I will post articles, research or texts that are specifically related to women and female practitioners, scholars and translators in Buddhism.

Texts and Translations

Praises to Mandāravā by Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo

 Rechungma’s Song of ‘Fifteen Realisations

A Girl’s Lament: Songs of Saley O to Milarepa

Posts and Articles

Machig Jobum: Female mahasiddha and lineage holder of Dro Kālacakra

Ultimate ‘ecstatic union’: the meaning and role of ‘erotic bliss’ in tantra and Kālacakra

Actions Speak Louder than Words: Gyalwang 17th Karmapa and the empowerment of female Dharma practitioners

Tantric Buddhism, Sex and Women: the Importance of Love, Respect and Consent

Promoting and Supporting Female Teachers, Scholars and Translators